Volume 2: A Man and His Story

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Understand how your past shapes who you are today. Understand your past and enjoy God’s best for your future.

These six sessions include:

-1- Looking Back
-2- Dad
-3- Mom
-4- Healing
-5- All-Alone
-6- Heart

33 The Series Volume 2: Training Guide


To master the life-changing principles of 33, each man needs his own training guide to accompany...

33 The Series Volume 2: DVD Kit


Includes 1 training guide and one DVD set.

33 The Series Volume 2: Digital Video Download Bundle


Download this bundle to receive all six video sessions of A Man and His Story. ...

33 Volume 2: DVD Kit + Digital Video Download Bundle


Includes the full Volume 2 Kit (DVD + 1 Training Guide) along with a download link saved to your...

33 Vol. 2, Session 1 Video Download - Looking Back


As a man, have you ever taken time to explain you, to you? Most men haven’t. Buy session 1 and...

33 Vol. 2, Session 2 Video Download - Dad


Dad. That word is loaded, isn’t it? Learn how to think about and process that primal, yet...

33 Vol. 2, Session 3 Video Download - Mom


Mom. We are not going to dog your momma! In session 3 you will learn that our relationship with mom...

33 Vol. 2, Session 4 Video Download - Healing


Authentic Manhood demands all of us to make peace with our past. Building on the great things,...

33 Vol. 2, Session 5 Video Download - All Alone


Sadly, most men are the typical, friendless, man. Knowing everyone, and yet no one. On top of that...

33 Vol. 2, Session 6 Video Download - Heart


A man without heart and soul is a shell of what he could be. He can be dangerous as well. Buy...

33 Volume 2 Coin


These 1.75”, die struck brass coins are great for: Recognizing the completion of 33 and a daily...