What is 33 the series?

33 The Series is a new video series that builds on the original Men’s Fraternity curriculum developed by Dr. Robert Lewis. It is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in the 33 years He lived on earth.

Is it just like the original Men’s Fraternity series?

33 builds on many of the timeless truths taught in Men’s Fraternity Classic but also introduces new material and expands the overall experience. The teaching is led by a multi-cultural, multi-generational teaching team, each of whom has been teaching on Authentic Manhood for years. Each session includes engaging round-table discussions by the teaching team and multiple creative elements that help reinforce major Authentic Manhood themes. Inspiring real-life testimonies and documentaries as well as insightful interviews with manhood experts are also part of the 33 experience. The “33 Training Guide” is a new written component that serves as an accompanying playbook.

How do I experience or present 33?

This series can be viewed on DVD or downloaded from our website. Any of these two delivery systems can be utilized by groups or individuals. One of the great things about this series is the variety of ways it can be used or presented. The series is organized in such a way to provide flexibility and offer a variety of options on how the material can be experienced. 33 is organized into 6 topically-themed volumes that include 6 sessions each. You can choose to commit to one volume/topic at a time, thus limiting a particular experience to 6 sessions, or you can combine multiple volumes into one expanded experience that includes more sessions (12, 18, 24, 30, or 36). You can also choose some combination thereof. However you choose to experience 33, the manhood principles and practical insights taught in each volume is essential for every man who is on the journey to Authentic Manhood.

When is the best time to present or experience 33?

One of the advantages of offering multiple volumes with fewer sessions is the flexibility offered. An individual or small group can choose to use the material at their convenience any time of the year. Even if you are a larger group in a church or other institutional setting, the multiple volumes add flexibility. If, however, you are combining several volumes that will require a longer term commitment to the material, we would suggest that you launch it in the fall of the year, take a break at Christmas and conclude in the early spring of the year. This structure has seemed to provide a good rhythm for men making a longer term commitment.

What does it cost to do 33?

The DVD kit is $74.95. A kit includes all 6 video sessions of a particular volume as well as additional resources for leaders of groups. It also includes one “33 Training Guide” which is full of additional manhood materials in the form of engaging articles and challenging insights. The training guide is designed to be an integral part of the 33 experience and is an absolute necessity for each man experiencing 33. Additional “33 Training Guides” are available for $14.95. Video downloads are available at 33theseries.com for each session for $5.99, and audio downloads are available for $3.99.

Does every man need his own “33 Training Guide?”

The “33 Training Guide” is a vital component of the 33 experience. Not only does It contain outlines designed to enhance the teaching, and discussion questions designed to help you process the lesson with other men, it also contains multiple articles, stories and interviews that provide additional insights related to the video presentations.

Can a leader choose to teach the 33 materials himself instead of watching the video teaching?

While we encourage all groups and/or individuals to enjoy the full teaching and creative experience of 33, some leaders may choose to lead the teaching portion of the material themselves. For those leaders, we have included a “Group Leader Resources” DVD in each “33” kit that contains a variety of helpful tools and viewing options. For the live teacher, we have included a separate menu of the 33 creative elements which can be shown to compliment and punctuate their live teaching. Those wishing to do live teaching can receive the actual transcripts of the material from us upon request.

How can I be trained to lead 33 to a large group?

There are three ways you can receive training for a large group.

The Group Leader Resources DVD, included in the DVD kit, offers tips for those who are presenting this material to a large group. Promotion items for promoting your group meeting are also provided on this DVD.
Additional information for large group presentations can be found at 33theseries.com/leaders
Rick Caldwell, the Director of Authentic Manhood, is available for coaching and consulting on how to maximize your experience with your group.

Will there be additional volumes?

Additional volumes of 33 are completed.  These volumes include topics on a man’s wounds, traps, parenting, marriage and career. You can look into these volumes on the authenticmanhood.com site.

  • A Man and His Story
  • A Man and Traps
  • A Man and His Work
  • A Man and His Marriage
  • A Man and His Fatherhood

Is 33 available in other languages?

Currently, 33 is only available in English.

Is closed captioning available?

Not at this time. Not currently, but Plans are being made to incorporate it in future volumes.

Is Robert Lewis presenting this material? Why not?

Although Robert Lewis is the creator of Men’s Fraternity, which is used as some of the foundational material of 33, he is excited about expanding the movement by utilizing a racially diverse, multi-generational teaching team. Robert’s comments and endorsement of “33 The Series” can be seen at mensfraternity.com/33theseries.

Can individuals experience this material alone?

33 is designed for both groups and individuals. Individuals, whether they experience 33 on DVD or video download,  should seriously consider meeting with at least one other man following each session to discuss and process what they have learned. The experience is greatly enhanced by processing the material with other men.

I am really on a budget, what is absolute most affordable way for me and a couple of guys to experience 33 the series?

After purchasing a “33 Training Guide” for each person ($14.99) you can actually meet together around a laptop and download each individual session for only$ 5.99. If 3 men participated and you spilt the cost each session, you could experience this material for 2 dollars per session in addition to the cost of the “33 Training Guide.” (Keep in mind, the downloads are yours to keep and can be viewed again and again, at no cost, as you choose to review it or to take other men through the study).

Does the 33 The Series have a doctrinal or denominational slant?

33 The Series, presents Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in his 33 years of life. The core content is based on material developed by Dr. Robert Lewis while he was pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR. The church’s doctrinal statement can be found at fellowshiponline.com/about/our-beliefs/. However the material is being widely used by churches of almost every denomination.

I am confused, what’s the difference between Men’s Fraternity, Authentic Manhood, and 33 The Series?

Authentic Manhood is the umbrella name of our movement and is our one objective. We truly desire to lead men to the life of truth, passion, and purpose they were created to live. Men’s Fraternity and The 33 Series are the two pathways or curriculum that we have created to utilize to guide men in their journey to Authentic Manhood. The DVD series and online download.

Who are the three presenters?

Bryan Carter is Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, where he has taught Authentic Manhood to well over 800 men in his community over the past four years. He and his wife Stephanie have three Children John Bryson is a Pastor of a Fellowship Bible Church in midtown Memphis TN. He has led thousands of men through the basic ideas for Authentic Manhood for over a decade. He and his wife Beth have 5 Children. Tierce Green is on the pastoral staff of Fellowship of the Woodlands near Houston TX. In addition to being Pastor of Small Groups he weekly teaches Authentic Manhood to well over a thousand men. He and his wife Dana have one daughter.