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We understand the confusion around what it means to be a man… Thats why we created this video experience.

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33 Stories

Holcomb Group

Volume 1 Stories

“At the end of my life I wanted my tombstone to read he was a great man, husband, father and boss but I blew it in every category.” A group of men open up and share about walking with each other through life’s different seasons.

Brad's Story

Volume 2 Stories

“My wife kicked me out of bed to go to this 'men’s group'” at 6 am. When I get there, sitting down drinking my coffee, trying to wake up and this joker on stage starts reading my mail. He’s asking questions that I’ve been asking myself.” Brad Duncan, shares about how his life changed with one paradoxical thought that became a way of life.

LeCrae's Story

Volume 2 Stories

“I never saw Jesus as masculine as the prototype BUT now Jesus is the prototype, He is the ultimate man and it is a sigh of relief for me.”Hip Hop Artist, LeCrea, shares about how an absent father led him to trust and know the heavenly Father.

Jeff's Story

Volume 2 Stories

"I was making sure I was giving them everything they needed but obviously I couldn’t give them the one thing they truly needed, me." Jeff Schulte talks about his journey in looking back in order to move forward.

Richard's Story

Volume 2 Stories

"He called me and told me I’m so sorry you got molested, I’m so sorry I left you and I love you and when I heard those three words from my father, it just messed me up."" Richard discusses the abandonment and reconciliation he experienced with his father.

Dan's Story

Volume 3 Stories

"I had money, I had a great job, I had a wonderful wife but I knew I didn’t know the truth." Dan talks about his failures and successes through all the seasons of his life, illustrating that it is never too late.

Bryan's Story

Volume 3 Stories

"The deceptive part about lust is that you minimize it, it’s just what guys do. What I do in my private world has nothing to do with anyone else.” 33 presenter, Bryan Carter, discusses his idol of lust and comfort and how he has found freedom from that.

Miguel's Story

Volume 3 Stories

"I mean I was providing for the family, the trips, she wasn’t saying no. But what happened was it eventually drew a huge rift between us. She resented me and hated my job.” Miguel opens up about the destruction the idol of significance brought into his life.

Fitz Hill's Story

Volume 4 Stories

"My goal at that time was to be the first African American head football coach to win a national championship which is a very selfish goal." Dr. Fitz Hill discusses how he had a dream for himself and his career but how there was a different sphere of influence for him.

Beth and John's Story

Volume 5 Stories

"The way I lived was that I didn’t need anybody, I didn’t need God… didn’t need friend… didn’t need to be face to face with my wife. The truth is I desperately needed all of those things." 33 presenter, John Bryson and his wife Beth discuss how they learned to communicate and connect with one another.

Jim's Story

Volume 5 Stories

"I’m sitting on a mattress on the floor and my home is empty because a lot of stuff has moved out, my wife has moved out. The person I just had sex with who is not my wife, just left and I’m thinking to myself this is you. THIS is your life. This is what you do.” Jim Hudson shares his story of redemption, capturing God’s grace and second chances.

Tierce's Story

Volume 6 Stories

"I feel like I’m a better man because of my wife, I know I’m a better man because of my daughter but the thing is that I almost missed that."" 33 presenter, Tierce Green, vulnerably shares his story of his journey to fatherhood.

Bill and Jennie's Story

Volume 6 Stories

"I think that there was always a expectation, to have this kids look good and reflect well on their family.” Bill Stowers and his daughter, Jennie Allen share about their relationship and loving your daughter well.

Terrance and Fitzgerald's Story

Volume 6 Stories

"There was a time when I was a kid that I wanted to kill myself, I wanted my Dad in my life.” Terrence and Fitzgerald Brooks discuss their estranged relationship and how through God’s grace He has brought restoration.

Daniel's Story

Volume 6 Stories

"Be the youngest of 13, I always felt like I was competing for the love of my Dad and the love of my mom.” Daniel discusses how it is never too late for a relationship with your Dad and how that relationship can have a impact on the way you parent your children.

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I’m extremely excited about 33 The Series because every man needs a roadmap as to what it means to be an authentic man. What is authentic masculinity? 33 The Series tackles that and gives us all insight and wisdom. I’m a product of that and I’ve definitely benefited greatly from all the information and all the resources that 33 The Series brings to the table, so it’s definitely a must have, it’s definitely something I think every man will benefit from. 33 The Series - you gotta get it.

Grammy Award Winning Musician

Just wanted to give an update on our study at City Place Cigars, we are having consistently over 40 guys in attendance… a good mix in age… some unsure of their faith. The feedback has been outstanding. Our discussion times have been very candid and open. I THINK YOU GUYS HAVE A WINNER!

Bob Miller
Owner/City Place Cigars, Lynchburg, VA

I’m a retired Military Chaplain and I function as the Director of Religious Education for the US Military in Fort Hood. Mark Fischer, one of our Cadence Missionaries, is reviewing 33 The Series and preparing to present it in the near future. He told me the other day it was probably the best men’s material he has ever seen. Thanks for the great resource.

Bill Shelnutt
Director of Religious Education, Ft. Hood, TX