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Starter Kit

Are you ready to be encouraged and guided on your manhood journey and make a difference in the lives of your friends, your family, your church and your community? 
Get the Volume 1 Starter Kit to get started with 33 The Series today!

Why Churches Love 33 The Series

  • Engaging tool to reach men – both in your church and outside of your church
  • Gospel-centered and credible, trusted resource
  • Practical insight into real-life men’s issues
  • Encourages real, authentic community among men
  • Diverse content that reaches a wide audience
  • Easy and simple to use

Why Men Love 33 The Series

  • Encouraging messages that show you you’re not alone
  • Real, practical solutions to challenges you face every day
  • Opportunity to connect with other men and find freedom to be honest
  • Diverse influencers and real storytelling that you can relate to
  • Short, easy-to-understand and creative video sessions

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