The final pages of 2019 are upon us and bring a great deal of uncertainty on the political horizon. However, you can be certain about how to live a life of truth, passion, and purpose as a man by taking a journey with Authentic Manhood. Part of that journey is the help and encouragement provided through our blog. To make sure you didn't miss our most popular articles, here's the best of the best from the past 12 months. You'll find helpful articles on subjects like marriage, leadership, and authenticity. Make sure you don't miss reading these posts that have made an impact on many. Enjoy the journey!

My Beloved and My Friend#5. My Beloved and My Friend

It’s only one sentence and a short one at that. But it would be foolish to skip over this vital wisdom about a healthy marriage relationship that is embedded in the colorful and even steamy narrative of the Song of Solomon. In Song 5:16, the wife describes her husband as her beloved and her friend. A holistic understanding of the Scriptures and how all the truth of God’s Word applies to marriage is critical.


8 Presidential Quotes for Leaders#4. 8 Presidential Quotes for Leaders

Authentic Men are leaders by God’s calling, whether it’s with their families, their vocation, or their church. To mark President’s Day, Here's my Top 8 Quotes from some of the great leaders of our country that are specific to leadership. Regardless of your political leanings, there is truth and inspiration in these quotes that will benefit and encourage every man.

25 Ideas to Date Your Wife#3. 25 Ideas to Date Your Wife

It’s important for men to pursue their wives on regular basis, not just on special occasions. You want to show her you love her a million different times in a million different ways. No matter how long you’ve been married or how gray your hair is getting, your wife needs to be reminded that she is still loved, cherished, and worth pursuing.

The Most Watched Movie of All Time#2. The Most Watched Movie of All Time

Most Top movie lists are based on the gross box office numbers. some research and came up with another winner, But recently a movie director/producer came up with a list based not on ticket sales but on the estimated number of those who have watched it. What made the answer so shocking was that the movie was a box-office disaster when it came out, losing two million dollars.

3 Characteristics of Biblical Authenticity#1. 3 Characteristics of Biblical Authenticity

Being authentic is not an end to itself, but a critical component to discover who you were created to be. It is a tool, not an end state. Biblical authenticity requires courage, but not recklessness. It requires a balance of Truth and Grace. Grace and Truth about ourselves. Grace and Truth about others—but most importantly Grace and Truth about God.

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