The final pages of 2018 are coming to a close with a great deal of uncertainty in the economy and on the political horizon. However, you can be certain about how to live a life of truth, passion, and purpose as a man by taking a journey with Authentic Manhood. Part of that journey is the help and encouragement provided through our blog. To make sure you didn't miss our most popular articles, here's the best of the best from the past 12 months. You'll find helpful articles on subjects like work, leadership, character, and forgiveness. Make sure you don't miss reading these posts that have made an impact on many. Enjoy the journey!

3 Gifts Needed to Enter Manhood#8. 3 Gifts Needed to Enter Manhood

Men in our culture are in trouble. Masculinity is in crisis mode. The signs are everywhere. Men are confused and wavering. The stats on fatherlessness are alarming and growing. So is the sexual violence that seems to be aired everywhere. Everyone is pointing out symptoms or pointing fingers. I want to point to something else. I want to point to a door that has been opened.

11 Diagnostic Questions for your Heart#7. 11 Diagnostic Questions for Your Heart

Idolatry is when we allow anything other than God to become the center of our heart’s true happiness, contentment, meaning, identity, purpose, or security. This post takes a look at 11 diagnostic questions to give you insights that may help you identify possible idols in your life.

6 Diagnostic Questions for Life and Work#6. 6 Questions for Life and Work

We don’t always get a warning when something is missing, out of sync, or needs attention. How do you avoid the “blind-side” surprise, the “I never saw this coming” moment? Over the last few decades I’ve developed a series of simple questions to help answer these questions. They aren’t particularly profound or complex, but they get to the heart of our life and work.

The Anatomy of Character#5. The Anatomy of Character

Who are you really? What’s in your heart? The Greek word for heart is “kardia” which also means core. Character goes beyond what people see on the surface to our heart, all the way to our core. Character flows from our heart. It’s who we really are at our core. Look here to unpack what that really means.

Two Types of Forgiveness#4. Two Types of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a beautiful word when you need it. It is an ugly word when you have to give it. But it is a bridge we all must cross and it is certainly a bridge we should never burn down. Forgive others because you also need forgiveness, from God and those you offend.

10 Essentials for Living Out a Biblical View of Work#3. 10 Essentials for Living Out a Biblical View of Work

When a man embraces these ten essentials, it will provide him with more opportunity, broader influence, and greater success in his work.

#2. The Importance of Healthy Men Leaders in Church

If you have men in your church, then one of your top priorities must be to develop healthy men leaders. Your men desperately need a vision of what it truly means to be a man amidst the confusing culture we live in.

#1. 8 Characteristics of Healthy Men Leaders

There are many qualities that we could discuss that help bring insight and provide context on what makes healthy men leaders, but here are a few key ones that we would emphasize as essential.