2015 is officially in the rear view mirror. Whether the year was one you're glad to say goodbye to or one that you celebrate, our prayer is that you've been transformed on the journey to Authentic Manhood over the course of the past 12 months. You've been great at reading and sharing the blog on our new site, but we understand how busy and fast-paced life can be. To make sure you don't miss any of these great articles, we've pulled together the five most popular blog posts of 2015 to help men live lives of truth, passion and purpose. Enjoy the journey!

Creating Margin_HOME#5. Creating Margin

Maintaining margin in life is a constant struggle because men like to accomplish things. Men have a tendency to focus on the task at hand. But knowing when to disengage actually makes you a better man.

3 Ways to Relate with Your Wife#4. 3 Ways to Relate With Your Wife

Understanding and being aware of these three different ways to connect with your wife is both perspective-changing and encouraging as you are freed to connect with her in different ways.

4 Traits of An Authentic Man#3. 4 Traits of an Authentic Man

We are more than the stereotypes that our culture has defined man to be. But what if rather than living out of cultural stereotypes, our lives as men were identified by these four characteristics of an Authentic Man instead?

After the Bomb_HOME-01#2. The Ashley Madison List Bomb

The Ashley Madison list left a blast zone for many marriages. If you were on the list or have some other secret infidelity like pornography or strip clubs, here's four things to do right now.

#4 Lessons Learned from Steve Harvey1. 4 Lessons Learned from Steve Harvey

Excuses have become the normal process of deflecting and criticizing anyone who would attempt to impose the antiquated belief system of self-responsibility. Yet Steve Harvey showed us the correct way to handle mistakes.