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That's the word I see on my GPS when I miss a turn or go the wrong direction. RECALCULATING. Even when I feel like I'm on the right track, that one word—recalculating—gives me a vivid reminder that I need to make immediate adjustments if I'm going to reach my destination.

In many ways, Session One of A Man and His Design is like pausing to recalculate where we are as men on our journey to manhood. The great reality of life is that even with the best of intentions, every man will make a wrong turn at some point. Yet, when you make that wrong turn, one of the keys to your Authentic Manhood journey is not to focus too much on the mistaken turn, but to make proper adjustments for the future.


Boyhood. Those were exceptional days. We played all day, hung out with our friends, did only the things that made us happy, had no responsibility or accountability...the good 'ol days of growing up. The reality of boyhood is that it is intended to be an on-ramp to responsibility, not a boulevard to continuous cruising. If you find yourself still on this road, it's time to RECALCULATE.


Our careers are important and work is part of God's divine design for our lives, yet there is much more to life than work. Most of us get an incredible rush from a job well done or from success accomplished in the workplace. We are performers by nature and thrive in these environments. We work long hours, take on additional responsibilities, but often we do it at the expense of our families and our own personal lives. If you see these signs in your life, it's time to RECALCULATE.


Appetites are inner desires we all possess. They are healthy and designed for our own growth and development. We have appetites for food, success, sex, love, and other things. Yet when these appetites go unchecked, they can cause considerable damage in our lives. When a man turns onto the road and allows his appetites to control his life, he's headed straight for disaster. It's time to RECALCULATE.

No matter where you may have made a wrong turn, this is your opportunity to make the course corrections toward a better life, toward the full life that God says is available to all of us. The simple fact that you've already begun to explore material on Authentic Manhood reveals that you have the steering wheel in your hand, and you've chosen to head down the path toward a life of Authentic Manhood—the life that brings true joy and fulfillment. If you're not dead, you're not done. Welcome to the journey!

A Man and His Design

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