Significant things have a significant cost. Manhood is not achieved without some sort of price to pay. Every time a man grows his King or Warrior Face, he is growing courageously and using a righteous energy.

The Price of the King Face

Think about the King Face and how it relates to relationships between men. A man can either boldly set high standards or be passive and take shortcuts. Authentic men must operate with integrity and do what is right, rather than what is easy. In doing so, men are immediately placing themselves in the minority and step out of the mainstream manhood. Isolation can quickly seep in, along with ridicule. Men around us will probably feel intimidated and may act out in anger or jealousy. Though the King in you is never looking to embarrass or belittle other men, a byproduct of our noble steps will often expose the uglier side of others. Our high standards and lifestyle pursuits will often contrast with other men who do not mind cutting corners or compromising ethics to get ahead.

I remember my first job in a restaurant when I was a young man. A mentor at the time really challenged me to make sure that my work ethic was strong and growing. So, I became committed to doing that. I did that job with all the hard work I could muster. It took about two days of hard work before the other men working in the kitchen took me outside to "set me straight." They basically told me to slow down and stop working so hard. Thankfully, I decided to lead with courage. As politely as I could, I let them know I was not going to slack off. I decided to work hard, regardless of how that made them look for feel.

Putting on the Warrior Face

The same can be true when we put on our Warrior Face. When we take intentional steps away from mediocrity and create a new normal that is bold and full of initiative, we expose other men stuck in mediocrity. Swimming upstream can be lonely and can make you feel crazy, especially in the beginning. My advice is to stay the course! Any new, bold, and courageous step will inevitably have a time of uncertainty and unsettledness. As a Warrior, we must not be surprised when we take on a few arrows. That's the price that may come with putting on a Warrior Face.

Ultimately, the benefits of being a Warrior far outweigh whatever price tag you have to pay. I guarantee you that the Warrior steps you take will inspire and create a tribe of men around you who will all want to live just like you do.

For me, hearing about men who "man up" and put on their Warrior Face always speaks to something deep within my core and inspires me. When I hear of other men stepping out and creating "new normals" such as losing 40 pounds, getting out of debt, finding a better job, writing a book, or navigating and leading their child through a tough season, it showcases men in the best of light.

In reality, we are fallen men in a fallen world and we must learn to wear the Warrior Face in every area of our life. Chaos and brokenness are all around us. Every day, week, month, year, and season of our life is an opportunity to step up with courage and create something noble and good. We then leave passivity, chaos, could-have-beens, and nothingness in the dust behind us.

A part of putting on the Warrior Face and using the courageous energy God gives each of us in about playing offense rather than defense. Be bold!

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