Some written and video testimonials from different places around the world.

Corwin Oglesby has been a believer his whole life, so watching 33 The Series just made sense. What he didn’t expect was to come away from it, a changed man.

Sam Newton hosts a Monday night group of men who are on a journey toward Authentic Manhood. Sam’s outdoor kitchen is a safe environment for men to connect on a personal level with no condemnation but lots of accountability.

Stories of impact that God is having through 33 The Series in the lives of men and their families at Cypress Bible Church in Spring, TX


“We have completed the first six weeks of 33 The Series. It has been nothing short of AMAZING! I am extremely impressed by how well constructed, crafted, and presented all the material is. From the lessons, to the speakers, to the vignettes, to the music, to the cinematography… it is all top notch.”
– John Lusk, Senior Minister, Denver Church of Christ, Denver, CO

“We just completed ‘A Man and His Design’ in the 33 the Series at our church. It went very well. I have watched each session three times, and each time I am impressed with the new truths or reminded of important things I need to implement. The content, the graphics, the video clips, the music and the length of the sessions, are all done very well. I am very sold on this and believe men across the country can benefit from these great sessions.”
– Steve Hopper, Hillside Community Church, Porterville, CA


“When I was invited to join the new 33 group at this office, though I was twice the age of the other participants (I just turned 70), I
thought I’d give it a try… I was very skeptical of the new abbreviated team approach. Boy, was I amazed! We’ll do the second six weeks after the holidays and are looking forward to expanding the group at that time.”

– David Braun, Renaissance Financial Services, St. Louis, MO

“We just finished 33 The Series Volume Two in the North Shore business community with employees from several different companies in our complex. This material has been very effective for our group, which is made up of young married men.“

– Phil Pate, AP Corp, LLC, North Little Rock, AR


“Thank you for helping us offer 33 The Series in Nassau County (Florida) jail. We stretched the six-week session into an eight-week presentation, and it made an immediate impact from the first session. A former Sheriff recently retired is now using 33 in an after care program for recently released inmates. They are meeting on Tuesday evenings and doing 33 as the prime focus.”

– Michael Self, Nassau County Jail, Yulee, FL

“Thanks for your help bringing 33 to Fort Leavenworth Military Prison, we had a maximum room capacity turnout. God is doing mighty things. “

– Dan Haas, Chaplain, Ft. Leavenworth, KS


“Just wanted to give an update on our study at City Place Cigars, we are having consistently over 40 guys in attendance… a good mix in age… some unsure of their faith. The feedback has been outstanding. Our discussion times have been very candid and open. I THINK YOU GUYS HAVE A WINNER!”

– Bob Miller, Owner/City Place Cigars, Lynchburg, VA

“I’m a retired Military Chaplain and I function as the Director of Religious Education for the US Military in Fort Hood. Mark Fischer, one of our Cadence Missionaries, is reviewing 33 The Series and preparing to present it in the near future. He told me the other day it was probably the best men’s material he has ever seen. Thanks for the great resource.“

– Bill Shelnutt, Director of Religious Education, Ft. Hood, TX

“I’m extremely excited about 33 The Series because every man needs a roadmap as to what it means to be an authentic man. What is authentic masculinity? 33 The Series tackles that and gives us all insight and wisdom. I’m a product of that and I’ve definitely benefited greatly from all the information and all the resources that 33 The Series brings to the table, so it’s definitely a must have, it’s definitely something I think every man will benefit from. 33 The Series you gotta get it.”


33 The Series has been a game-changer in my life. I had hit rock bottom and become so jaded that I didnt even believe in God. I was lost on the highway of life and 33 provided a road map for me.”

– Doug, Rockford, IL