As we say good-bye to 2017, we invite you to revisit our most popular blog posts from the past 12 months. You'll find helpful articles on subjects like fatherhood, authenticity, and our thoughts on the onslaught of sexual harassment accusations that rocked Hollywood, politicians, and the media over the past few months. To make sure you don't miss any of these, we've pulled together the seven most popular blog posts of the year to help men live lives of truth, passion and purpose. Enjoy the journey!

The Father Trap#7. The Father Trap

I’ve had thousands of conversations with Christian fathers who are discouraged, angry, grieved, and ready to quit (or who have already quit). Thousands of fathers don’t know what they’re doing or why thy’re doing it. They’ve simply lost their way, or in many cases, they never knew the way to begin with.

The Art of Blowing Smoke#6. The Art of Blowing Smoke

Intelligent guys are very good at it. So are religious guys. But intelligent, religious guys probably do it best. Blowing smoke—saying things in a way that conceals the truth. They know enough of the Bible and have enough opinions about it to maintain a certain image, a smoke screen to hide who they really are.

The Next Storm has Been Predicted#5. The Next Storm has been Predicted

We’ve had a record-breaking year of storms as well. Hurricane Lust, Tropical Storm Greed, and Tropical Depression Lonely have all made landfall. These storms have brought strong winds and statistic busting floods which have destroyed dreams, families, and lives.

The Heart of Man: Standing at the Cliff of Choice#4. The Heart of Man: Standing at the Cliff of Choice

At some point you will have to bet everything on His ability to show you a new way, to make you clean. You will have to trust that He carries no anger, resentment or disgust. You must believe that His unconditional love towards you will never, ever fail or change.

Tasting the Sexual Soup – Part 1#3. Tasting the Sexual Soup – Part 1

Are we really surprised by the onslaught of sexual harassment accusations and unwanted sexual advances by Hollywood hierarchy, politicians, media personalities, and others? We shouldn’t be. This sexual concoction has been on the American cultural stove for decades.

Reject Passivity#2. Reject Passivity

Why is it that so many men are so decisive, focused, and effective in areas of life that don’t really matter, but tentative, uninspiring, and passive in some of the areas that matter most? It’s as if passivity is in our DNA.

#10 Great Daddy-Daughter Movies1. 10 Great Daddy-Daughter Movies

Spending time with your daughter is critical to connect to her heart. You do this by sharing time together with just you and her. One easy and affordable way to accomplish this is by watching a movie together.