In his book, To Change the World, James Davison Hunter says, “the passion to engage the world, to shape it and finally change it for the better, would seem to be an enduring mark of Christians on the world in which they live. Throughout Scripture, we read of great men who, often through the unlikeliest of circumstances, achieved incredible feats and influenced the world in ways that can still be seen today.

Where do we really make our mark? Where do we fit? What have we been designed to do? We all ask ourselves these questions, and, some days, it feels like everything that we have worked so hard for, everything we are dedicating our lives to is all for naught. We all want to make an impact on this world. We all want to do great things. We want God to use us in a mighty way, but, if you’re like me, you often doubt if God could really use someone like you.

We know what the Bible says. We know what we are “supposed” to believe, but sometimes, our head and our hearts do not align. I am prone to believe that I am not smart enough, funny enough, strong enough, loving enough or talented enough for God to do much of anything in and through my life. Simply put, most days, I just lack the faith to believe that God will use me to do anything of real consequence.

However, as God continues to make me more like him, I am learning a few things:

  1. I would contend that whether or not God uses us in a mighty way has nothing to do with our talents and gifts. God does not need us to contribute anything. He is the one who is all-sufficient; he just asks us to be available.
  2. My definition of “doing great things” and God’s definition of it differ greatly. Whereas I look at my life through worldly lenses, He sees my life as the intricate part of his grand story of redemption. What seems big to me is often of little consequence in the kingdom of God.
  3. As I have heard one pastor say, “If you will get ‘bless-able,’ God will wear you out.” This is not a legalist, pick yourself up by your bootstraps sort of exhortation; it’s truth. Once we become a part of the kingdom of God, much of the responsibility for holiness lies on us. We must be men after God’s own heart if we stand a chance of bringing great glory to the kingdom of God.

So, I’m going to write a series of articles on just this topic. Who is the kind of man God uses? By looking at the story of Noah, a man whom God used profoundly, I’m going to unpack how the man that God uses is one of (1) integrity, (2) humility, (3) faith and (4) commitment. These are the men whose fingerprints remain long after they have died. These are the men whom God has truly allowed to touch the world in some small way because they are the men who rely fully on Him and are willing to give him all the glory.