The final pages of 2022 are upon us, yet despite all the progress forward, we're still faced with a great deal of uncertainty about what lies ahead for 2023. However, you can be certain about how to live a life of truth, passion, and purpose as a man by taking a journey with Authentic Manhood. Part of that journey is the help and encouragement provided through our blog. To make sure you didn't miss our most popular articles, here's the best of the best from the past 12 months. You'll find helpful articles on subjects like marriage, leadership, and fatherhood. Make sure you don't miss reading these posts that have made an impact on many. Enjoy the journey!

#5. 4 Ways Men Resist God

The idea of resisting God may seem ridiculous at first. After all, how can something created resist its Creator? How can the lesser push back against the greater? But the testimony of Scripture and the stories of our lives attest to the fact that we do in fact resist God. I want to state it even stronger. I believe that all growth toward intimacy with God involves confronting the resistance in our souls and choosing to push through it. I have felt it in my own life and watched it play out in the lives of others. Let me name four chief ways men resist God.

#4. Two Types of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can operate on two levels. There is both unilateral forgiveness and transactional forgiveness. Unilateral forgiveness occurs when you forgive someone and yet the person has not asked for it, requested it, or even repented of what they did to you. Unilaterally means that on your own—without their involvement—you choose to grant them forgiveness. Dr. Tony Evans explores why forgiveness is so important on your journey to authentic manhood. 

#3. 3 Characteristics of Biblical Authenticity

Biblical authenticity requires courage, but not recklessness. It requires a balance of Truth and Grace. Grace and Truth about ourselves. Grace and Truth about others—but most importantly Grace and Truth about God. Our attempts to achieve authenticity are experienced and revealed as we walk this path of life. Not when we try to throw it into the microwave of personal and cultural opinions as we strive to “be real.”

#2. 25 Ideas to Date Your Wife

It’s important for men to pursue their wives on regular basis, not just on special occasions. You want to show her you love her a million different times in a million different ways. No matter how long you’ve been married or how gray your hair is getting, your wife needs to be reminded that she is still loved, cherished, and worth pursuing.

#1. 20 Great Yogi Berra Quotes

When it comes to the game of baseball, Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra is on the shortlist of lifetime achievements. A three-time MVP, he was perhaps the most dangerous lifetime .285 hitter in baseball history, playing in 75 World Series games with a base hit in an amazing 71 of them. But aside from all of Berra's accomplishments on and off the baseball diamond, he may be best known for some of the greatest quotes in American lexicon.


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