I grew up under the care of a single mother, as my father left the scene while I was around 12 years old. Their divorce did not stop her from running full steam ahead after the heart of God. She took me to youth group. She led the singles ministry at our church. I witnessed her everyday make decisions to love others when she had nothing left, including working three jobs simultaneously to provide food on the table for my brother and me. I even witnessed her cling to Jesus when she received the horrible news from the doctor that she was diagnosed with leukemia. That's right—I had a front row seat growing up watching my single mother undergo chemotherapy, and by the power of God, beat cancer.

If that's not the beating heart of a warrior, a true leader, I don't know what is.

I'm reminded of Romans 12:1-2. It’s because of my mother that I discovered Jesus wasn’t mere religious hocus-pocus, but someone I could talk to, run toward, and rely on in every season of life. Because of her example, the word "worship" doesn’t just mean "singing songs" to me. It means everything. It's the daily routine, the daily grind, of living out of your faith through suffering. Watching mom worship was like watching someone reach out for a life raft out in the middle of the ocean—and what a beautiful picture that has become for me as I now "lead worship" around the world.

Mom, thanks for paving the way. Every meal, every conversation, every act of discipline—it's made me into the man I am today. As I raise and lead my family, I can only hope I forge ahead with the same courage, humility, and faith you continue to show me. I know life hasn't been easy, or if we're honest, hasn't really been fair at all. But the legacy of Jesus continues through you, to me, and to your great, great grandchildren. Like you always taught me, "What the enemy meant for evil, God is working it out for His glory!"


From a small cafe in Bristol, UK

How has your mother been an influence on your life? Leave a comment to share your thoughts and how much you appreciate her.

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