Like a physical wound, an untreated emotional wound can infect everything around it. The resulting sickness can cause significant harm to the entire organism, be it a person, a marriage, a family, or community. Here then, we take a look at the differences between a man who has experienced healing and a man who remains wounded.

Man who hasn't healed:

  • Unable to fully live in the present, because part of his soul remains rooted in his past.
  • Easily angered. His anger spills over onto others who aren't the real cause or source of his wounds.
  • May have difficulty extending genuine forgiveness to others in spite of a sincere desire to do so.
  • Questions his self-worth, lacks confidence, blames himself for conflicts or failures that may have had little or nothing to do with him.
  • May struggle to trust or experience intimacy with spouse or those who could be close friends. May subconsciously sabotage relationships to minimize the risk of being wounded by someone else.
  • Incapable of living the life of Authentic Manhood God made him to live because his wounds continue to fester, perhaps even growing and wounding others.

Man who has healed:

  • At peace with his past, able to fully live in the present and move boldly into his future.
  • Anger no longer bubbling just beneath the surface; instead his wrath is typically reserved for people and situations that merit righteous anger.
  • Capable of exercising real, complete forgiveness and experiencing the benefits of a soul free of maintaining a list of ways he's been wronged.
  • Finds his self-worth in his position as an adopted son of God, created, rescued, and valued by a Father who will never fail or disown him.
  • Capable of intimacy with his spouse and close friends. Willing to take the risk of being vulnerable with others and making himself fully known.
  • Able to recognize and love God as "Father." Willing to cede control of his life to One he knows can be fully trusted.
  • Capable of living the life of Authentic Manhood God made him to live. Equipped to help others find healing for the wounds in their soul.

If you find yourself with more in common to a man who hasn't healed than to a man who has healed, it's time to take action. The first step of any man who wants to experience healing in his life is to accept the new life Jesus offers every man. Not sure how to do that or what it means? Click Here to learn more.

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