There's no such thing as life apart from struggle and temptation, but that doesn't mean you are destined for a life of falling short and failure. Part of your new life in Christ is the indwelling Holy Spirit and the ability to turn away from temptation. Those on the journey to Authentic Manhood will be aware of and use the following 4 key realities for dealing with temptation.

1. Ruthless Honesty

You've got to be willing to pursue "ruthless honesty" in the company of trustworthy men.

  • Stop pretending
  • Remove the mask
  • You're a mess and I'm a mess
  • Must become a way of life

2. Struggle & Temptation

There's no such thing as life apart from struggle and temptation.

  • Broken men living in a broken world
  • We have natural unhealthy desires for things in this world
  • Desires of the flesh are opposed to desires of the spirit

3. Grace

Grace is something given to you apart from anything you've done.

  • A free gift
  • Not contingent on your performance
  • Based on the righteous life of Jesus Christ
  • Motivates us to run to God, not from him
  • Jesus already paid your price

4. Heart Change

Authentic Manhood is primarily about heart change.

  • The noble fight is not about just behavior modification
  • Behavior modification without heart change is dangerous
  • Mere behavior modification can hide deeper issues
  • The heart drives us towards certain actions, attitudes, and behavior

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