Understanding and being aware of these three different ways to connect with your wife is both perspective-changing and encouraging as you are freed to connect with her in different ways.

3 Ways to Relate With Your Wife:

1. Back to Back
  • You’re not physically together; you’re in different places doing different things.
  • You’re living the same values and fighting for the same causes.
  • You’re both seeking the best for your family
  • Even as you go, you know you have a partner who’s supporting you, thinking of you, and praying for you.
2. Shoulder to Shoulder
  • You’re both tackling tasks or just doing something together.
  • You’re getting things done alongside your wife.
  • Strategically look for these opportunities to bless your wife.
  • You can do things together without necessarily talking a lot.
3. Face to Face
  • You’re directly engaged with, focused on, listening to, and sharing with your wife.
  • Some guys can find it challenging and maybe uncomfortable to engage their wives at a heart level.
  • Creating this dynamic is one of the greatest privileges you have as a servant leader.
  • Embrace the opportunity to hear her heart and share your heart with her.

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