Jesus came to earth to save us and to be God's perfect image-bearer to provide an example of how mankind is to engage in all of life, including our work life. In Session 2 of A Man and His Work, we provide a God-inspired, gospel-centered vision for your work. It's called the Biblical Blueprint for Work. Here's an overview for the 3 parts of the Biblical Blueprint.

1. WHAT IS WORK? » Vocation

Work is more than just a job

It's Personal:

  • God's plan for your life
  • Personal to your talents, gifting, and season

It's Purposeful:

  • Participating in something bigger that God is doing in the world through us
  • Part of our personal story within God's story

2. WHAT DO WE DO? » Create and Cultivate

God modeled work for mankind by creating and cultivating for the benefit of others

  • First, He created by bringing new things into existence
  • Second, He cultivated His work by building an environment where it could flourish and commissioned Adam, His co-worker, to care for it alongside Him

God made man in His image to create, cultivate, and develop God's world

  • In the very beginning work was given to mankind as a gift, not a curse, designed to be part of every many's story
  • He gave us the privilege and responsibility to care for and develop the earth for the benefit of mankind and for His glory

3. WHO ARE WE TO BE? » A Life-Giving Presence

In addition to coming to earth to save us from our sins, He also came as an example to imitate

  • We are called to follow Jesus

Jesus is the example of being a "life-giving presence" in all areas of His life, including work

  • While Jesus was doing His work on earth, He blessed others. People experienced Him as a life-giving presence
  • As we follow Him, we desire to be a life-giving presence in our work

A Man and His WorkThis article is an excerpt from 33 The Series Volume 4: A Man and His Work. View Session 1 of A Man and His Work.

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