Spending time with your daughter is critical to connect to her heart. You do this by sharing time together with just you and her. One easy and affordable way to accomplish this is by watching a movie together and, with Spring Break upon us, what better time than now! But don't just watch a movie, make it an experience! Cook dinner together and let her choose the menu. Don't forget her favorite dessert and drink and be sure to make this night about just the two of you. To help you make this a fun night, here's our list of 10 movies that are great for a Daddy-Daughter Movie Night. Remember, movies are better with popcorn!

1. Father of the Bride

2. Father of the Bride Part 2

3. Remember the Titans

4. The Parent Trap

5. Trouble with the Curve

6. We Bought a Zoo

7. Enchanted

8. Inside Out

9. Brave

10. Three Men and a Baby

Of course as with everything, be sure to use your discretion for age appropriateness. Some of these selections may not be appropriate for younger girls. To help you determine which movies are a good fit for you and your daughter, consider using the reviews found on Pluggedin.com.

Most of all, remember the real value of watching a movie together comes from the conversations that take place afterward. Be intentional about making time for a brief discussion following the movie. You may want to make some hot chocolate together or save dessert for this time in order to ask the following questions:

  1. Who was your favorite character and why?
  2. How would you describe the relationship between the father and daughter in the movie?
  3. What were some challenges or problems they had and how did they overcome them?
  4. In what ways is our relationship like that and in what ways is it different?
  5. What's something else you would like to do together with just the two of us?

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