When a man embraces these ten essentials, it will provide him with more opportunity, broader influence, and greater success in his work.

1. Our primary motivation for "excelling" at work comes from the gospel.

The gospel changes everything. Our motivation comes from what Jesus has done for us and how He transformed us.

2. Do your best and over deliver in your work.

Seeing your work primarily as a service to the Lord is a game-changer. It unleashes you to bring a mind-set of excellence to your work.

3. Master your craft.

Discover your strengths, understand your talents, and develop your skills. Those who become exceptionally skillful in what they do, will more than likely expand their influence.

4. Work well with others.

An Authentic Man values "we" over "me". Being a positive team player goes a long way to being a life-giving presence.

5. Expect resistance...push through, work hard, and trust God.

Resistance will be a reality in this broken world. Anticipate this resistance and put on the warrior face, man up, and press through.

6. Bring integrity to the workplace.

The peace and security that comes from walking with integrity is life-giving to your soul and is essential to living out God's vision for your work.

7. Healthy ambition can be a good thing.

Redeemed ambition seeks greatness in life as a means to an end—to bless others and bring glory to God as He made us in His image.

8. Go find the information you need to excel in the workplace.

Authentic Men accept the responsibility for being prepared and hunger for growth in every area of their life. Get the help you need to grow in your work. No one else is going to do that for you.

9. If possible, pursue a job that you can enjoy, are good at, and can make money doing.

Look for the right job fit where you can come alive and bring life to others. Be willing to make the courageous adjustments to find it.

10. Rest and celebrate.

An Authentic Man works hard, but he knows when to turn work off. He balances the tension between work and rest.

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