4 Foundational Truths About Marriage

by Authentic Manhood
4 Foundational Truths about Marriage

Our culture contributes to a great deal of confusion, not just with regards to masculinity, but also with marriage. Never before has there been a greater lack of clarity about what constitutes a marriage. But scripture gives clear direction and provides declarative context for marriage. Consider the following passage. Genesis 2:18-25 (ESV) Then the Lord God said, “It is […]

How to Replace Faulty Foundations

by Authentic Manhood
How to Build a Healthy Foundation

Just about every internal issue you have today as a man indicates you’ve built your “manhood home” on a faulty masculine foundation. It could be you’re angry about your past or with where you are at this stage of life, which causes you to emotionally, verbally, or physically abuse those around you. Perhaps your substance […]