Raising a Modern Day Knight - KIT



From the producer of Wild at Heart, A Band of Brothers comes a compelling new six-part adventure series for dads that will give you the opportunity to explore how we can raise our sons into a noble, vibrant masculinity and a healthy manhood propelling your fatherhood to another level.

The series is hosted by RMDK author, Robert Lewis and FamilyLife founder, Dennis Rainey, and is based on the best-selling Focus on the Family book, Raising a Modern-Day Knight.

Throughout the study you will:

Discover how to connect with your son in life-giving and life-changing ways.

Understand the critical issues you face in becoming an effective and strategic father.

Learn what you need to know to lead your son into authentic manhood.

This Raising a Modern-Day Knight Training Kit comes complete with:

7 DVDs of instruction from Robert Lewis and Dennis Rainey Robert Lewis' Raising a Modern-Day book

Leader's Guide RMDK Training Guide, which includes:

Outlines for Each Adventure Dad's Workout Program for His Son - a game plan for what your son needs to see, receive, experience and hear for the first 21 years of his life

Armor Up - a six week daily devotional

Legacy Album - This album allows you the opportunity to make memories and mark milestones as your son embarks on his journey toward authentic manhood.

Individual RMDK Training Guides are also available for purchase.