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We’ve created the Marriage Bundle from our life-transforming six-volume video curriculum for men, 33 The Series, which covers aspects of life unique to men, including: authentic manhood, work, marriage, fatherhood, our traps, our stories and our dreams. With topics that are practical and real, the series doesn’t tell you everything you’re doing wrong or what you need to fix. 

Instead, it encourages men to grow within a community: to be better, to engage with a spirit of grace with each other and to support each other through the process. 

The Marriage Bundle is uniquely created for husbands and wives to watch and discuss together. In doing so, they will invest in their marriages, parenting and work responsibilities. 

The six 30-minute sessions pulled from different volumes of 33 The Series explore: 

  • The divine origin and God’s design for marriage

  • How to have a thriving and healthy friendship in marriage 

  • Foundational truths of parenthood that are rooted in Scripture

  • Understanding work and your roles in work  

Includes a special PDF outline. 


Products Included in Bundle

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33 Vol. 5, Session 1 Video Download - Foundation

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33 Vol. 5, Session 3 Video Download - Friendship

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33 Vol. 6, Session 2 Video Download - Grace-Based Parenting

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33 Vol. 6, Session 6 Video Download - Decisions

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33 Vol. 4, Session 2 Video Download - Blueprint/Discover

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33 Vol. 4, Session 6 Video Download - Catalyzers

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