33 Volume 6 Kit + Digital Video Download Bundle


33 The Series Volume 6: DVD Kit

Includes 1 training guide and one DVD set.

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33 Vol. 6, Session 1 Video Download - Foundation

This session lays out 5 foundational truths of fatherhood that are rooted in scripture and centered around God’s grace.

33 Vol. 6, Session 2 Video Download - Grace-Based Parenting

Guest presenter, Tim Kimmel, introduces how to father with a heart of grace.

33 Vol. 6, Session 3 Video Download - True Greatness

In this session, guest presenter, Tim Kimmel contrasts the world’s perspective of greatness with God’s perspective of greatness and outlines how to guide your children towards true greatness.

33 Vol. 6, Session 4 Video Download - Sons

Professional counselors, David Thomas and Stephen James, share insights on how to be an intentional father in each stage of your sons life.

33 Vol. 6, Session 5 Video Download - Daughters

Author and physician, Meg Meeker, shares powerful insights for being the most important man in your daughter's life.

33 Vol. 6, Session 6 Video Download - Decisions

This session examines some pivotal issues that you need to anticipate and decide in advance that will effect how you father.


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Product Description

Includes the full Volume 6 Kit (DVD + 1 Training Guide*) along with a download link saved to your account, which provides digital access to all six video sessions.  *Training Guides are shipped in hard-copy format, they are not available digitally.

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