33 Volume 3: DVD Kit + Digital Video Download Bundle


33 The Series Volume 3: DVD Kit

Includes 1 training guide and one DVD set.

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33 Vol. 3, Session 1 Video Download - Idols

Almost all manhood traps, temptations and selfish behaviors stem from an idol problem common to every man. A new framework is introduced that will help men go below the surface and begin understanding the deep idols of their heart that are driving their behavior and could be preventing them from living a life of truth passion and purpose.

33 Vol. 3, Session 2 Video Download - Empty Promises

A glimpse into the lives of three men in the Bible who were tempted by the empty promises of the very same idols that we all face today. One of the men, determined to find meaning and joy from his idols, achieved and possessed practically everything this world has to offer but was surprised by what he ultimately discovered.

33 Vol. 3, Session 3 Video Download - Battleplan

A “battle plan” is introduced from the truths of scripture that will help every man learn how to replace his life-taking idols with God’s life-giving grace. We see how Jesus himself, our model for Authentic Manhood, successfully fought the battle of idolatry in His own life.

33 Vol. 3, Session 4 Video Download - XXX

Discover why sexual temptation is so alluring for men and why internet porn has become such a global pandemic, setting men up in a manhood trap that can destroy marriages, careers and families. Our “battle plan” shows men how they can fight this specific area of struggle with God’s better promises.

33 Vol. 3, Session 5 Video Download - Control

Many men find themselves in a trap created by the idol of Control. It can surface in our lives in things like anxiety, anger, workaholism, and an obsession with power. Unpacking those idols can help us understand how we can apply our “battle plan” to replace them with trust in God’s grace.

33 Vol. 3, Session 6 Download - Significance and Comfort

The deep idols of Significance and Comfort drive many men into manhood traps that keep them from God’s best. Surface idols that can emerge include an unhealthy need of approval, an over-dependence on consumption and a tendency toward escape. Discover how to battle those idols with the provisions God has for us and free yourself to live the of truth passion and purpose you were created to live.

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Product Description

Includes the full Volume 3 Kit (DVD + 1 Training Guide) along with a download link saved to your account, which provides digital access to all six video sessions.  *Training Guides are shipped in hard-copy format, they are not available digitally.

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