33 Volume 1: DVD Kit + Digital Video Download Bundle


Includes the full Volume 1 Kit along (DVD + 1 Training Guide) with access to video downloads.

33 The Series Volume 1: DVD Kit

Includes 1 training guide and one DVD set.

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33 Vol. 1, Session 1 Video Download - Manhood Realities

What is the current state of manhood and how did we get here? Buy session 1 because it sets the backdrop for the problems that you as a man need to solve and opportunities that you as a man need to seize.

33 Vol. 1, Session 2 Video Download - Create and Cultivate

Something in your soul will come to life when you learn you were created for far more than mere existence. In session 2 you get a helpful grid through which you can view every facet of your life and a powerful vision for the life God offers to us.

33 Vol. 1, Session 3 Video Download - Manhood Definition

Ever had manhood defined to you in a clear and compelling way? Could you define manhood? Most men can’t. Buy session 3 and never again be left to wonder what it really means to be a man.

33 Vol. 1, Session 4 Video Download - King/Warrior

What does it look like to be a “King” and a “Warrior” in today’s masculinity? And what man doesn’t want to be a King and a Warrior? You will catch the vision to fight for what matters most and to do it with integrity if you download and watch session 4.

33 Vol. 1, Session 5 Video Download - Lover/Friend

A man with lame relationships is a “less than” man. Get session 5 and learn how to develop a relational capacity that makes life worth living.

33 Vol. 1, Session 6 Video Download - Seasons

Life for a man is not just life. It is back, to back, to back seasons of life. Buy session 6 to learn how to transition well and dominate each season.

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Includes the full Volume 1 Kit (DVD + 1 Training Guide) along with a download link saved to your account, which provides digital access to all six video sessions.  *Training Guides are shipped in hard-copy format, they are not available digitally.

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