33 The Series Volume 2: Digital Video Download Bundle


33 Vol. 2, Session 1 Video Download - Looking Back

As a man, have you ever taken time to explain you, to you? Most men haven’t. Buy session 1 and learn how.

33 Vol. 2, Session 2 Video Download - Dad

Dad. That word is loaded, isn’t it? Learn how to think about and process that primal, yet powerful relationship (or lack there of) in every man’s life.

33 Vol. 2, Session 3 Video Download - Mom

Mom. We are not going to dog your momma! In session 3 you will learn that our relationship with mom shapes us far more than we realize in ways that are crucial to understand.

33 Vol. 2, Session 4 Video Download - Healing

Authentic Manhood demands all of us to make peace with our past. Building on the great things, reconciling the not so great things. Buy session 4 and learn to do that well.

33 Vol. 2, Session 5 Video Download - All Alone

Sadly, most men are the typical, friendless, man. Knowing everyone, and yet no one. On top of that nobody truly knows you. Session 5 will help you learn how to not walk alone in life.

33 Vol. 2, Session 6 Video Download - Heart

A man without heart and soul is a shell of what he could be. He can be dangerous as well. Buy session 6 and learn how to be a man who lives and leads with heart and soul.

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Product Description

Download this bundle to receive all six video sessions of A Man and His Story.

*Training Guides are sold separately in hard-copy format, they are not available digitally.

** Note: These items are meant to download for individual use and use with your small group only. Although these downloadable items allow you to keep, view and listen to them as many times as you would like and even share them with a friend, it does not allow you to reproduce, resell, or repost them to a website in any way. Please help us protect the integrity of these products.

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