33 The Series Volume 1: Digital Video Download Bundle


Download this bundle and receive all six video session of 33 The Series – Volume I.

33 Vol. 1, Session 1 Video Download - Manhood Realities

What is the current state of manhood and how did we get here? Buy session 1 because it sets the backdrop for the problems that you as a man need to solve and opportunities that you as a man need to seize.

33 Vol. 1, Session 2 Video Download - Create and Cultivate

Something in your soul will come to life when you learn you were created for far more than mere existence. In session 2 you get a helpful grid through which you can view every facet of your life and a powerful vision for the life God offers to us.

33 Vol. 1, Session 3 Video Download - Manhood Definition

Ever had manhood defined to you in a clear and compelling way? Could you define manhood? Most men can’t. Buy session 3 and never again be left to wonder what it really means to be a man.

33 Vol. 1, Session 4 Video Download - King/Warrior

What does it look like to be a “King” and a “Warrior” in today’s masculinity? And what man doesn’t want to be a King and a Warrior? You will catch the vision to fight for what matters most and to do it with integrity if you download and watch session 4.

33 Vol. 1, Session 5 Video Download - Lover/Friend

A man with lame relationships is a “less than” man. Get session 5 and learn how to develop a relational capacity that makes life worth living.

33 Vol. 1, Session 6 Video Download - Seasons

Life for a man is not just life. It is back, to back, to back seasons of life. Buy session 6 to learn how to transition well and dominate each season.

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Product Description

Download this bundle to receive all six video sessions of A Man and His Design.

*Training Guides are sold separately in hard-copy format, they are not available digitally.

** Note: These items are meant to download for individual use and use with your small group only. Although these downloadable items allow you to keep, view and listen to them as many times as you would like and even share them with a friend, it does not allow you to reproduce, resell, or repost them to a website in any way. Please help us protect the integrity of these products.

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