The Ashley Madison List Bomb

by Authentic Manhood
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  I remember when my sin finally found me out. My wife discovered the secrets I had been keeping for a long time…pornography, prostitutes, strip clubs. All my ugly mess finally in the open. I would like to say that I responded with humility, brokenness and honesty. But I didn’t. Instead, I was defensive, still […]

Love With a Faithful God

by Authentic Manhood
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There’s one more reality that you have to include as you’re trying to look at your marriage as realistically as possible. Not only must you consider the fallenness of the world you live in and the fact that both of you are less than perfect, but you must also remember that you’re not alone in […]

Love For A Flawed Person

by Authentic Manhood
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You and I just don’t get to be married to someone perfect. It seems obvious enough, but many people get married with unrealistic expectations about who they’re marrying. Here’s the point: you both bring something into your marriage that’s destructive to what a marriage needs and must do. That thing is called sin. Most of […]

Love in a Fallen World

by Authentic Manhood
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We all face the same thing. Our marriages live in the middle of a world that does not function as God intended. Somehow, someway, your marriage is touched every day by the brokenness of the world. Maybe it simply has to do with the necessity of living with the low-grade hassles of a broken world, […]

3 Ways to Relate with Your Wife

by Authentic Manhood
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Understanding and being aware of these three different ways to connect with your wife is both perspective-changing and encouraging as you are freed to connect with her in different ways. 1. Back to Back You’re not physically together; you’re in different places doing different things. You’re living the same values and fighting for the same causes. […]

Your Marriage Isn’t Hopeless

by Authentic Manhood
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I don’t know if you’re single, engaged, happily married, angrily married, somewhere in between, divorced or widowed. I don’t know about the quality of your marriage. Maybe you have grown in love and affection for your spouse and you would say that you love each other more than ever. Maybe the person you once adored […]

A Man and His Marriage Preview

by Authentic Manhood

“The beautiful thing about marriage is that it continually invites us to focus on another person and not just ourselves. Two people dying to themselves to serve and love one another. Showing each other the same grace God shows us.”  – Paul Tripp, taken from A Man and His Marriage In the newest release from 33 The […]