The Place Every Man Needs

by Authentic Manhood
The Place Every Man Needs

Recently I took a backpacking trip through the Big Frog Wilderness in Tennessee with my good friend Brian. In all designated wilderness areas, there are no trail blazes (easy to get lost), no bridges across streams (learn to ford them or turn around), and remote enough so that there are no crowds to preserve the […]

3 Lessons From the Wilderness

by Authentic Manhood
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I have been backpacking in several different wilderness areas over the years and have learned much from the experience. But I am speaking here about a different kind of wilderness. I believe as we follow Jesus, He will at some point take us into the wilderness—not a physical one, so much as a circumstantial one. […]

A Clear Vision for Authentic Manhood

by Tierce Green
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When I moved to Texas, one of the first things I discovered while driving east on Interstate 30 was the ability to see miles ahead of me to where I was going. A clear view of the Dallas skyline confirmed that I was headed in the right direction. I experienced the opposite extreme somewhere outside […]

Finding Answers

by Authentic Manhood
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Every man has unanswered questions. Questions about his value, his skill, or his usefulness.  Whether debilitating or just nagging annoyances, these questions persist unless resolved. Past generations had it better, I think, when society understood that it took deliberate, focused effort to turn boys into men, when mastery mattered, and when men needed to prove […]

Our Mythic Confrontation In Search Of The Masculine Heart

by Authentic Manhood
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Our spiritual confrontation beings with ourselves.  No matter what we think, what we say, pretend, imagine, or fashion, we have self-destructive tendencies—and we all face death.  There is no going around it.  Like the second son, Cain, self-destruction crouches at our door, waiting to devour us.  If we submit to it, we fall short of […]

Our Terrible Dilemma

by Authentic Manhood

We all face a terrible dilemma as men, and what we do with it sets the course of our lives. Let me explain. When I begin a class with men, I often start with a question: “What is a real man?” Hands go up and answers come quickly: a real man is strong, courageous, brave, […]

Admitting Our Weakness

by Authentic Manhood
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Some of the smartest people that I know are the un-healthiest people I know. I am not talking about physical health but instead emotional health. Men generally live in a world that affirms intelligence, motivation, and accomplishment as the Holy Grail of success. These things are very important, but what I have seen is that […]